First let me introduce myself:

My name is Angela Degner, I am married, I have 3 children and five grandchildren.

I live with my family in a small city called Versmold in the State North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

I enjoy so much in life and one of those things is sculpting my "For-Leaved-Babies". If you would like to

adopt one of my babies, please contact me by email: angela@ad-puppen.de

How it all started:

I started in 1993 to sculpt porcelain dolls. At first they were replicas of dolls that I bought. A few

years later I wasn't satisfied making replicas. So in 1996 I decided to make my own babies that lived

in my mind. I really wanted to make them to come to life. I tried to sculpt a baby doll myself and was

very exited. Within no time I became addicted to sculpting my own dolls. When I started sculpting for

the first time, it was not only a new world of possibilities, but most of all a world of technical problems.

Therefore I took several classes in modelling and sculpting. This is how I began to make my

own "Four-Leaved-Babies". I use ProSculpt or Sculpey to make my dolls.

In the last years I make also my reborn- babies with a lot of love and with much heart. It is for

me a big pleasure a inconspicuous doll to make like a real Baby. I love it so much to

make my babies (either reborn or unique ).

I'm always on the lookout for special reborn kits

Every baby has a anatomically correct jointed doll body which is made from suede (velour) or flannel, for

my unique babys is the body designed by me.

Babies with 3/4 arms have joints, 4/4 legs are integrated directly into the Body.

Dolls with ¾ limbs have jointed arms and legs.


I guarantee that I only use high-quality materials for the making of my OOAK or Reborn-babies. I only

want to convince of my high-quality and my whole love to the details.

All babies come to you with a body and high quality baby clothes. The baby clothing is sewn, knitted or purchased.

As I am always growing and changing, I don't know what my sculpting and reborning future will bring,

but my main goal is to learn, develop and most of all enjoy


Thanks for your interest and Sincerely yours